Adventure Guide to Bermuda

Adventure Guide to Bermuda - 4th Edition by Blair Howard $18.95 free shipping

Photograph Bermuda Guide BookBlair Howard was bitten by the travel bug more than 30
years ago when, during a stint in the Royal Air Force, he
spent a year in paradise on a tiny island in the middle of the
Indian Ocean. From there, his travels have taken him to the
Far East, North Africa, across most of Europe, to the islands
of the West Indies, the Bahamas, Bermuda and to almost
every state in the Union. With camera in hand, he wandered
from one location to another, finally settling in a small rural
town in Tennessee. But there's no cure for wanderlust.
Today, after many miles on the road – and some 1,100 magazine
articles and 33 books – he's still at it, visiting and
revisiting his favorite spots.

I've been writing about Bermuda for more than 10 years. What a joy! Over the years, things have changed slowly and mostly for the better. But, even if they hadn’t changed, Bermuda is still the magical island I fell in love with all those years ago. It’s still a real thrill to fly in from the west and gaze down at the great, fishhook-shaped atoll
surrounded by the deep blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean. The pastel-colored buildings with their snowy-white roofs stand out like coral beads; the turquoise shallows and pale pink beaches never change; and Hamilton, the islands’ tiny capital city on the shore of the Great Sound, is an oh-so-English anomaly unique in the Western Hemisphere. Bermuda is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Whether it’s the combination of the English culture and its quasi-tropical setting, or something else. There’s just something very special about this little group of islands in the middle of the Atlantic that, once experienced, is never forgotten. This new, 4th edition of my book has been completely up-dated and is packed with useful information.

Blair Howard 2008