Adventure Guide to the Bahamas

Adventure Guide to the Bahamas - 4th Edition by Blair Howard $18.95 - free shipping

Photograph of Bahamas  BookBlair Howard was bitten by the travel bug more than 30
years ago when, during a stint in the Royal Air Force, he
spent a year in paradise on a tiny island in the middle of the
Indian Ocean. From there, his travels have taken him to the
Far East, North Africa, across most of Europe, to the islands
of the West Indies, the Bahamas, Bermuda and to almost
every state in the Union. With camera in hand, he wandered
from one location to another, finally settling in a small rural
town in Tennessee. But there's no cure for wanderlust.
Today, after many miles on the road – and some 1,100 magazine
articles and 33 books – he's still at it, visiting and
revisiting his favorite spots.

The Adventure Guide to the Bahamas is the result of more than 16 years of visiting and enjoying the islands. I visited them time and time again; I've been to islands in the bahamas most of you have never even heard of. It's my fondest wish that one day I might be able to retire and settle down on one of the beautiful Out Islands - well, we'll see.

The Bahamas lie scattered across more than 100,000 square miles of the western Atlantic Ocean. From a point roughly 70 miles east of West Palm Beach, Florida, the great archipelago extends some 750 miles southward toward the northern Caribbean, almost to the island of Hispaniola.

The islands that make up the Bahamas are generally low and flat. The highest point in the entire archipelago, on Cat Island, is just 206 feet above sea level. This, my friends, is paradise in all its forms. This book, my 4th edition, has been completely updated. You'll find it full to the brim with helpful information. Enjoy.

Blair Howard 2008