Atlantis Resort & Casino Paradise Island Bahamas

Photograph of Atlantis Paradise IslandThe Atlantis Resort & Casino is oOne of Paradise Island’s major resort hotels, is also one of New Providence’s top tourist attractions. The centerpiece of Atlantis is its magnificent 14-acre Waterscape – a complex of six lagoons, three underwater grottos, and a transparent pedestrian tube that takes you beneath one of the lagoons, to cross a rope suspension bridge onto an artificial coral reef for an underwater habitat of more than 3.2 million gallons of saltwater.

At a cost of more than $160 million, Atlantis is the largest outdoor, open-water aquarium in the world.

The six lagoons provide a home for more than 35,000 pounds of live tropical fish, coral and other marine life. The Predator Lagoon provides a unique look at some of the most feared denizens of the deep. Via a 100-foot, transparent underwater tunnel, visitors can view, up close, a variety of deep-sea predators, including three tiger sharks and a number of barracuda, plus stingrays, moray eels, turtles and crabs, all in their natural environment. There’s something a little unnerving about watching a seven-foot shark swim slowly and silently by, just a couple of feet above your head. The other lagoons include The Seagrapes Ocean Tower Lagoon, which displays a tide pool and mangrove habitats, along with myriad forms of small marine life; The Water’s Edge Lagoon, home for a variety of small sharks, rays, turtles, tarpon, jacks, and snappers; and The Cascade Lagoon, a series of cascading waterfalls. Finally, The Paradise Lagoon – claimed to be the perfect alternative to the ocean – is open to guests for swimming, diving and snorkeling. The eight-acre lagoon is, in places, more than 17 feet deep, and guests can dive beneath its surface to enjoy all the wonders of the ocean.

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For visitors arriving by air, the Bahamas are served through Nassau by most US airlines and by international airlines from Canada and Europe, and to a slightly more limited degree through Freeport.

The Out Islands are served mainly by Bahamas Air via connections in Nassau and Freeport.

The Bahamas is also a major destination for the cruise ship industry

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