Hartley’s Undersea Walk, Nassau, Bahamas

Greg HartleyHartley’s Undersea Walk is located at the Yacht Basin on East Bay Street is one of Nassau’s unique attractions. Reminiscent of the undersea walk depicted in the movie 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea, the 3½-hour cruise is sure to be a highlight of your vacation. You’ll leave the Yacht Basin aboard Pied Piper, a 57-foot diesel-powered catamaran, along with a captain and crew of two, and head out to the reef. There, you’ll don your helmet –  you can keep your glasses on and you won’t even get your head wet – then descend the ladder to the ocean floor. The price is $85 per person for adults and and $60 for children 13 and under. Generally, they go out Tuesday through Saturday, two trips a day, depending on demand.

Check-in times are 9 am and 1 pm. Reservations are required. You need to bring bathing suit and towel. There are changing facilities on board. You do not need to bring any sea walking shoes/sandals, because the walk takes place on a sandy ocean bottom. A credit card number is necessary for direct bookings. They are sometimes booked a week in advance, but generally you can get reserved seats about three days in advance. Another reason to contact them well in advance is to give them your hotel room number.

Transportation service to and from your hotel can be arranged. The rate is $85 for adults; $60 for children 13 and under. A local charter bus, Johnson’s Charter Bus, provides the transportation for Hartley’s. (866) 836-3989 or  242 393-8234.

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Getting There:

For visitors arriving by air, the Bahamas are served through Nassau by most US airlines and by international airlines from Canada and Europe, and to a slightly more limited degree through Freeport.

The Out Islands are served mainly by Bahamas Air via connections in Nassau and Freeport.

The Bahamas is also a major destination for the cruise ship industry

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